Woke’ : A sudden understanding of what’s really going on.

Tuesday 16 October 2018 marked our first event – ‘Woke’: A sudden understanding of what’s really going. This was a multimedia art exhibition that brought together a total of 17 artists of colour in one space. Each of whom explored aspects of their race, heritage and upbringing whilst emphasising what it means to be ‘the other’ in our current social and political landscape.

This exhibition took place during Black History Month and aimed to be a catalyst in sparking conversations around necessary and important issues, not merely to support the fact that the celebration of our history and the education of our culture tends to be reduced solely to one calendar month. Instead, it was and continues to be an attempt at highlighting the richness and power that is present and growing within our communities.

The event saw over 100 people attend on a blustery autumn night and was housed by the phenomenal Flying Dutchman space in Camberwell South London. This is a venue rich in character and is known for supporting both students and artists that are young in their practice. The night provided an opportunity for people to engage with multiple artistic mediums and to promote and support local artists of colour. Special performances came from Villain’s Crew and cupcakes from young black female baker Zhane’s Kitchen were also very successful on the night.