In Conversation With Janette Paris 

We were grateful to have the opportunity to host this In Conversation session with artist Janette Parris at Goldsmiths University of London on Saturday 15 December. The venue made for both a great and nostalgic setting. With Goldsmiths being the cultural and creative hub that it is, as well as the fact that Parris is a Fine Art Alumni of the University.

Janette Parris is a Black British female artist who uses the ‘everyday’ as the basis for her work, She works across different mediums including: drawing, animation and performance (musical and theatre). Born and raised in London Janette’s practice is informed by her surroundings experiences and personal connections to urban spaces. She creates strong narrative work often in the form of comic strips to capture the humorous essence of life, while reflecting a dry and self effacing look at the world. After sharing her experiences, personal and artistic development and her journey of navigating her way from art school through the art world; Janette was joined by artist and founder of WOKE. Nacheal Catnott for a Q&A session, where she discussed in more detail the development of her practice and explored in depth her experiences of being a Black female artist in the current political climate.

The event saw the artists interact through a series of engaging tasks that Janette is known for carrying out in her talks. This involved the audience reading from a series of statement artworks entitled Bite Yer Tongue, which Parris made whilst she was studying. Her rapport with the audience created a humorous and thought provoking experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to host this event and speak with Janette Parris about her work as well as current pressing issues within the creative world. We would like to thank Janette for both her involvement and continued support !