Art from BAME Community

Beyond the Voyage originated from a desire in the founders to reference and celebrate the settling of the Windrush Generation in Britain.

The Empire Windrush arrived in Britain in 1948, carrying 1,027 willing and determined migrants who were invited by the British government to help alleviate labour shortages as result of the war. 22nd June 2018 marked the 70th anniversary of the Windrush generations arrival on British shores; coinciding with the recent parliamentary scandal which saw many of those who came during the Windrush period being stripped of citizenship and denied medical care under the NHS because of a lack of documentation. This is despite the fact that  many individuals paid the modern equivalent of £1,000 in 1948 to travel to Britain. They were offered to stay as a reward for their immense contribution to the reconstruction of our nation in the post-war period.

More recently there has been a wave of wrongful and sudden deportations of Caribbean people by the British Government, many of which are elderly, lived in the UK for the vast majority of their lives and have created families, a livelihood and made immeasurable contributions to Britain. As these repatriations still continues today, many have been left in a state of limbo and uncertainty regarding their identity and status in Britain.

Beyond the Voyage aims to explore stories of migration to Britain in the quest to define what it means to be a person of colour living in this country in our current social and political climate. Often, many of us find overlaps and commonalities in our narratives; both across the diaspora and within the different communities of people of colour living in Britain.

This event hopes to amalgamate some of these stories to unify and celebrate them as one, whilst providing an opportunity for us all to learn and share our narratives through artistic lens.