Southwark Untold 2.0

Friday 16th August – 7:30 – 9 pm

Tate Exchange – Tate Modern Galley

We have been invited by the amazing organisation PemPeople and the renowned Tate Exchange to curate Beyond the Voyage Vo.2, as part of the Southwark Untold 2.0. We will present an immersive interactive collection of films and performance pieces that each explores movement in all senses be that physical, social, cultural or political. We have produced a catalogue of phenomenal work by creative people of colour each of whom uniquely explore this theme. The show is the second edition of Beyond the Voyage the first of which took place at the ICA Gallery earlier this year. We are excited to adapt this for the Tate Exchange and also to have the opportunity to introduce new artists to the collaboration.

PemPeople is a Peckham based non-profit which is focused on community empowerment. Be sure to join us on Friday 16 August from 7:30 pm- 9 pm at the Tate Exchange, a scheduled 30 min display will be taking place between 7:30 – 8:00 pm, please register on the Eventbrite link below now!