Dan Guthrie is a film programmer and moving image artist, raised in Gloucestershire who is currently based in South London. His practice often deals with exploring identity at both micro and macro levels. In the past few months, he’s been working on creative projects with the London Short Film Festival and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. This has been alongside studying for a BA in English and Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Since Dan finished work on a BBC New Creatives moving image commission with ICA due to premiere in Autumn 2019, he has started work on a new piece using found footage at a Wysing Arts Residency. He is currently curating with “True Colour Collective” and “Young Programmer” at London Short Film Festival.

The process of his work begins with researching, and this often involves the layering of images in the edit. Dan has recently been working with flatbed scanners to generate images and wants to expand into moving image installation. His desire is to bring the universe of the work outside of the screen, and into the gallery space. His piece, “Three Young Men on a Bench” is a moving image work which involves an abstract recreation of old family photos to explore rural black masculinity. Dan states how his “mum and her siblings, and me and my cousins all grew up in the same town, Stroud, Gloucestershire (97.8% white population) fifty years apart. My uncle Curtis (RIP) is sat on the left in the original photo, my uncle Nigel provides the voiceover for the second half of the film”. When it comes to producing his work, Grace Wales Bonner is one of Dan’s inspirations. Bonner is a British fashion designer who, through craftsmanship, examines representations of black male sexuality and identity. “I love the amount of research she does and the cohesiveness of her work from fashion to film to curating,” says Dan. 

Three Young Men on a Bench, 2018

Last Friday, we had the privilege of showcasing Dan’s film along with the films and performances of other great artists of colour at Tate Exchange at our Beyond the Voyage Vo.2 event. This was apart of the Southwark Untold 2.0 series organised by the phenomenal Pempeople in association with True Colour Collective. We had such an amazing time putting together this show and working with such talented artists of Colour. This Thursday we will be posting full bios along with a Q&A from all the amazing artists who were involved, find this in the archive page under the event name.

Thanks to all who came!


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