True Colour Collective is a multimedia arts platform which curates immersive events by creative people of colour. We are intent on providing opportunities, advocating for cultural vibrancy within local communities and creating opportunities for people of colour in the creative industry.

Despite being a substantive part of the demographics which make up the arts and culture within Britain, we believe the lack of opportunities for people of colour to develop within creative institutions and organisations is extremely concerning and we seek to change that. True Colour Collective was formerly known as WOKE. UK — founded by Nacheal Catnott and Jamie Barton in 2018 with the aim of diversifying the creative industry. As the organisation expanded we made the decision to rename as True Colour Collective in August 2019, working with the same incredible team who have helped us curate events in spaces such as, The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) , The Flying Dutchman Art Spaces and Goldsmiths University of London. We maintain the same core values of diversifying and making the arts more accessible.

Overall, True Colour Collective is committed to creating spaces which provide opportunities for people of colour with local communities through curating immersive events, whilst also working closely with established organisations and institutions to improve access for people of colour and build a more inclusive industry.